Affinity (UK)


All Thatís Jazz (Netherlands)


Alto (USA)


Amiga (former East Germany)


Art of Jazz (USA) [compilations of various artists, including Monk]


Bandstand (Italy)


Barclay/Blue Star (France)


Baybridge (Japan)


Bella Musica (Italy)


Bellaphon (Germany)


Best of Jazz (France)


Blackbird (Spain)


Boplicity (UK)


BYG (France)


BYG (Japan Ė Toho series)


Cambara (UK)


Can-Am (Canada)


CBC Radio Canada (Canada)


Celebration of Blues (USA)


Celson (Italy)


Charly (UK) [affiliated with Affinity]


CEMA (Capitol USA)


Century Vista (Italy)


Chazzer (USA)


Cinevox (USA)


Classics (France)


Collectables (USA)


Concord (UK)


Counterpoint (UK)


Crusader (Netherlands)


D.A. Music (Germany)


Definitive (Spain)


Delta (USA) [affiliated with Laserlight]


Denon (Japan/Europe)


Disk Union (Japan)




Dragon (Sweden)


Drive (Switzerland)


Duke (Italy)


Eastwind (UK)


Embassy (UK)




Epic (USA)


Esoteric (USA)


Esquire (UK)


Eurogram (France)


Europa Jazz (Italy)


Everest (USA)


Far East (Japan)


Festival (France)


Fontana (Europe)


For Discriminate Collector (Italy) [part of Musica Jazz]


Four Star (USA)


Franceís Concert (France)


Franklin Mint Record Society (USA)


Fremeaux (France)


Frequenz (Italy)


Gateway (USA)


Giants of Jazz (Italy)


GNP Crescendo (USA)


Heart Note (Sweden)


High Note (USA)


Hip-O (USA) [affiliated with Universal]


History (Germany)




I Giganti Del Jazz (Italy)


I Maestri del Jazz (Italy)


Ingo (Italy)


Intercontinental (unknown)


Jazz Archives (France) [affiliated with EPM]


Jazz Around (Italy)


Jazz Classics (Canada)


The Jazz Collection (Italy)


Jazz Door (Germany)


Jazz Greats (UK)


Jazz Helvet (Switzerland)


Jazz and Jazz (Italy)


Jazz Life (Europe)


Jazz Man (USA)


Jazz Portraits (Italy)


Jazz Roots (Italy)


Jazz Selection (Sweden)


Jazz Stop (Spain)


Jazz Time (Portugal)


Jazz Unlimited (Denmark)


Jazz Up (Italy)


Jazz View (Italy)


Jazz Word (Germany)


Kings of Jazz (Italy)


Landscape (France)


Laserlight (USA)


Legacy (USA)


Le Jazz (UK)


Liberty (Japan)


London (UK)


Lotus (Italy)


Magnetic (Luxembourg?)


Malaco (USA)


Mainline (Germany)


Media 7 (France)


Melodiya (USSR)


Metronome (Sweden)


Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (USA)


Monkey (France)


Moon (Italy)


Murray Hill (USA)


Music (Italy)


Musica Jazz (Italy)


Musical Heritage Society (USA)


Music Club (International)


Music Memoria (France)


Musicdisc (France)


Musique (France)


Natasha (USA)


New World (USA)




Norma (Japan)


Object Enterprises (unknown)


Onyx (USA)


Pathe-Marconi (France)


Piccadilly (USA)


Prestige UK [not to be confused with Prestige USA]


Presto (UK)


Prevue (USA)


Prism (UK)


Pumpkin (USA)


Pye (UK)


Quadrifoglio (Italy)


Record Bazaar (Italy)


Roir (USA)


Royale (USA)


Saga (UK)


Scepter (USA)


Secret (Sweden)


Seven Seas (Japan)


Sinseido (Japan)


Spotlite (USA)


Star Jazz (UK)


Stateside (UK)


Status (UK)


Storyville (Denmark)


Suisa (Italy)


Temple (UK)


Tempo di Jazz (Italy)


Thatís Jazz (USA)


Thesis (France)


Topaz (UK)


Top Jazz (Italy)


Trema Music (France)


Tristar (USA?)


Trip (USA)


Unique Jazz (Italy)


Upfront (USA)


Venus (Italy)


Versailles (France)


Whoís Who (unknown)


World Record Club (UK)


Xanadu (USA)


Yeh Eum (Korea)


Yes to Jazz (Portugal)


SOURCE: Chris Sheridan, comp., Brilliant Corners: A Bio-Discography of Thelonious Monk (Greenwood Press, 2001).


*Bootlegs are unofficial recordings derived from radio/TV broadcasts or from illegal recordings of concerts; pirates are copies of existing recordings, usually entire LPs.Both are produced and sold without the permission or knowledge of the artist or his/her estate, thus generating a significant loss of revenue for artists.Most of the labels listed have released entire LPs and CDs of sessions led by Thelonious Monk, or in some cases they have put out compilations with one or two tracks by Monk.We have not included labels that have issued recordings where Monk is not the leader (e.g., Dizzy Gillespie big band recordings and Charlie Parker recordings, both which have been widely bootlegged and pirated).We have decided to include the Mintonís recordings since Monkís role as house pianist there made him, for all intents and purposes, the leader.


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